Performance Opportunities

Performing is the usual end to the preparation of music. It is part of the process and should contribute to the “learning experience” for each camper. We encourage, but do not require, every group to find a venue to perform that suits their comfort level. This might be informally for neighbor groups in a Dress Rehearsal/Recital on Friday or, it might be in a ten minute movement at the Café Morendo on Thursday night. You may come up with new ideas.

We see these performances as an opportunity to share and celebrate the accomplishments of each camper. We have planned events that are as inclusive as possible. Although MMR offers many performance opportunities, we do have a finite amount of time, and many people are eager to play for one another.

  • Groups may sing or play outside at mealtimes.
  • Fermata Bar performances are in an outdoor setting during our before dinner social hour, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This is an opportunity for any group to perform informally while the “audience” enjoys a moment of “attitude adjustment.” The Fermata Bar schedule can accommodate about twelve groups each day. At-home groups and those who prepare on Monday are invited to perform at Tuesday’s Fermata Bar.
  • The Thursday open mic, Club Morendo, is held in the Coffeehouse in Reid. There is a huge demand for Fermata Bar slots and not enough time. The open mic night allows extra time for groups to perform.
  • Play for each other’s Ensemble at a Friday Dress Rehearsal/Recital. Two or three coaches may get together. Their groups will play or sing their pieces for each other during the Friday afternoon “A’, “B” or “C” Hours. This is a good way to have a dress rehearsal or a low-pressure final performance.
  • The Saturday Sampling is a recital-like performance on the stage in Chism and is reserved for ensembles coached at MMR. Each group is limited to 2.5 minutes.
  • Sunday Morning Meditation at Creekside. This is an outdoor event along the stream next to the Music Building.