Mallet List for Percussion Players

Mallets and Instruments to bring to MMR/Matt Drumm 

Required Essentials:

**Black hand towel**

Snare Drum sticks – concert

            Suggestions:     Vic Firth SD1 General

                                    Innovative Percussion IP1 Hickory General Concert Snare Stick

5B size (any brand)

Bell/Xylophone mallets – hard plastic         

            Suggestion:       Malletech  OR45R  white

Timpani mallets – General/Staccato

            Suggestions:     A. Putnam  T4 small medium (red)

A. Putnam  T2 staccato (orange)

                                    Pro Mark Performer Series Haas JH3 Hard    or    JH4 General

Yarn mallets – med. hard (for cymbals, vibes, marimba, etc.)

            Suggestions:     A. Putnam MR2  med.-hard  rattan

                                    Mike Balter #13R med. Blue




Timpani mallets – very hard

            Suggestions:     Pro Mark Performer Series Haas JH2 staccato (red)   or   JH1 ultra staccato (green)

A. Putnam TMC1 Mike Crusoe greens

Timpani mallets – very soft

            Suggestions:     Pro Mark Performer Series Haas JH6 roller

A. Putnam T6 rollers (purple)

Bass Drum mallets – pair general and/or rollers

            Suggestions:     Payson Sustenuto brown – rollers   (pair)          

                                    Vic Firth Gauger TG3 oval – general   (pair)

Triangle beaters – 2 pair

            Suggestions:     Stoessel  #2.5  black    (pair)   and   Stoessel  #1 white  (pair)

Triangle holder/clip

            Suggestions:     A. Stubbs, Danmar, Patterson, Grover, Freer, etc.


Helpful Extras:


Brushes – wire

            Suggestions:     Regal Tip, Vic Firth or Pro Mark: wire, rubber handle, retractable


            Suggestions:     Abel  6” Symphonic  or  Black Swamp  6” Artisan


            Suggestions:     Grover  10” Double Row German Silver

                                    Black Swamp 10” Double Row German Silver

Some other mallets, sticks and instruments you can bring, if you have them:


More timpani mallets (a full set consists of 5 or more pairs, including wood or leather covered)

Other hardnesses of yarn mallets (a set of four)

Hard rubber mallets (for wood blocks, temple blocks, etc.)

Drumset sticks (5A, 7A, etc.)

Snare drum & stand

Chime mallets: rawhide

Gong mallet(s)

Castanets: Epstein or Black Swamp on handles

Suspended Cymbal 18” & stand

Crash Cymbals 18” pair

Wood block