Chamber Music Library - Vocal

Midsummer Musical Retreat has a large collection of chamber music with an emphasis on the standard repertoire for instrumentalists and a usable selection for vocalists. This music will be filed and available during camp week in the MMR chamber music library in Reid Campus Center.

All selections in the tables listed below with a blue background are digital files that will be available for printing at camp through your faculty coach.

This collection has been enhanced by the generous gifts of many of our campers and faculty. If you wish to donate sheet music, contact

The MMR Chamber Music Library is divided into sections. Each section of this catalog is both SORTABLE and SEARCHABLE.

To SORT, click on the orange label at the top of any column.; i.e., To find a composer, click on the word composer and all of his/her works in our collection will be grouped.

To SEARCH, use the drop down menus to select the number of players and/or ensemble type; or your may enter the composer or instrumentation available as indicated. Click on the APPLY button to complete the search.

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Player #sort ascending Composer Album Title Content Instrumentation
4 Fenollosa, WS Under the Greenwood Tree folk SATB
4 Stern, Joe E. Daddy, Get Your Baby out of Jail Barbershop/folk TTBB
4 Sullivan/Goethe Evening Evening SATB
4 Robin/Rainger Thanks for the Memory Thanks for the Memory SATB
4 Traditional Dry Bones Dry Bones SATB
4 Miller, James & Clarke, Stephen Ye Banks and Braes folk SATB and piano
4 De Lisle, Rouget Folk Songs of Many Nations Marseilles Hymn SATB
4 Foster, Stephen C Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming serenade SATB
4 Sturges, Richard H. We have never been defeated in the USA Barbershop/folk TTBB
4 Tallis, Thomas Bone Pastor secular SATB
4 Rodgers, Richard Carousel Carousel SATB
4 Traditional Loch Lomond Loch Lomond SATB
4 Moore, Theodore Mother Barbershop/folk SATB
4 Payne, John Howard Folk Songs of Many Nations Home, Sweet Home SATB
4 George & Ira Gershwin Porgy and Bess Porgy and Bess SATB
4 Traditional A Little Close Harmony Barbershop/folk TTBB
4 Taylor, W. F. Beauteous (vocal) Waltz folk SATB
4 Root, George F There's Music in the Air folk SATB and piano
4 Rutter, John When Icicles Hang When Icicles Hang SATB with small orchestra
4 Traditional Folk-songs for Choirs Thirteen arrangements for unaccompanied mixed voices SATB
4 Moore, Thomas Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms folk SATB
4 Foster, Sephen Folk Songs of Many Nations Old Folks at home SATB
4 Gershwin & Porter Gershwin & Porter on Love 7 Songs SATB
4 Traditional Shine on me Barbershop/folk TTBB
4 Taylor, WF Beauteous (vocal) Waltz Beauteous (vocal) Waltz SATB
4 Rutter, John The Lord Bless You and Keep You The Lord Bless You and Keep You SATB and organ OR 2 violins, viola, cello and bass
4 Traditional All Through the Night All Through the Night SATB
4 Multiple Another Blast From the Past 6 Songs SATB
4 Traditional Folk Songs of Many Nations My old Kentucky Home SATB
4 Gershwin, George Gershwin Concert Panorama 6 Songs SATB
4 Traditional Tell me why Barbershop/folk TTBB
4 Traditional Ah For Wings to Soar folk SATB
4 Sandstrom, Jan Across the Bridge of Hope Across the Bridge of Hope SATB
4 Traditional Comin' Through the Rye Comin' Through the Rye SATB
4 Multiple Best of the Beach Boys 4 Songs SATB
4 Burns, Robert Folk Songs of Many Nations Auld Lang Syne SATB
4 Gershwin, George Embraceable You Embraceable You SATB
4 Traditional All Through the Night folk SATB
4 Appleton, Les Coney Island Baby Barbershop/folk TTBB
4 Schafer, R. Murray A Medieval Bestiary 11 Songs SATB
4 Traditional Early One Morning Early One Morning SATB
4 Multiple Happiness Is 6 Songs SATB
4 ein feste burg Folk Songs of Many Nations A Mighty fortress is our God SATB
4 Gershwin, George Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Let's Call the Whole Thing Off SATB
4 Traditional Ave Maria secular SATB
4 Ball, Ernest Love me and the World is Mine Barbershop/folk TTBB
4 Schwartz, Arthur That's Entertainment That's Entertainment SATB
4 Traditional Five Spirituals Five Spirituals SATB
4 Multiple Stay Tuned 11 Songs SATB
4 Traditional Folk Songs of Many Nations Deo Gratias SATB