Online Registration


There are four steps to registering for MMR.

  • Create an account with your email address and a password.  You may create an account at any time. PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR EMAIL AND PASSWORD SO YOU CAN ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT.   Also, please note, campers who have registered using the old system in previous years will have to create a new account!
  • Register for the program, housing, and meals for MMR 2018.  AVAILABLE ON JANUARY 1, 2018
  • Pay the non-refundable deposit of $150 either using Paypal or by check.
  • Complete information indicating your preferences for Morning Ensembles, Afternoon Ensembles and Electives. You will be asked to complete a Self-Evaluation of your skills for each instrument and voice required by your preferences.  Complete anytime between January1 and June 1.

A HEADS UP!!!  It is not necessary to complete your program choices for ensembles and electives in one sitting.  You can log-in and edit your choices and self-evaluations until you click on the final  <Submit> on the Review and Submit page at the end of the process. This "locks your choices."  Might be a good idea to complete everything except the ULTIMATE SUBMIT on the REVIEW & SUBMIT page,  then walk away and return later to make sure all is the way you want it.

Review the available Electives before you begin.

Use the comment boxes to clarify your choices.

Collect all information for Camper Pre-Arranged groups before you click on the FINAL SUBMIT.

Please contact the registrar if you wish to change  your completed registration.  800-471-2419 

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