Chamber Music Library - Vocal

Midsummer Musical Retreat has a large collection of chamber music with an emphasis on the standard repertoire for instrumentalists and a usable selection for vocalists. This music will be filed and available during camp week in the MMR chamber music library in Reid Campus Center.

All selections in the tables listed below with a blue background are digital files that will be available for printing at camp through your faculty coach.

This collection has been enhanced by the generous gifts of many of our campers and faculty. If you wish to donate sheet music, contact

The MMR Chamber Music Library is divided into sections. Each section of this catalog is both SORTABLE and SEARCHABLE.

To SORT, click on the orange label at the top of any column.; i.e., To find a composer, click on the word composer and all of his/her works in our collection will be grouped.

To SEARCH, use the drop down menus to select the number of players and/or ensemble type; or your may enter the composer or instrumentation available as indicated. Click on the APPLY button to complete the search.

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Player # Composer Album Title Content Instrumentationsort ascending
4 Billings, William Washington Street spiritual SATB
4 Styne, Jule Everything's Coming Up Roses Everything's Coming Up Roses SATB
4 Pilkington, Francis Beautie sat bathing folk SATB
4 Ward, Samuel A America the Beautiful America the Beautiful SATB
4 Hastings, Thomas Cheer Thee Sad Soul secular SATB
4 Styne/Sondheim Everything's Coming Up Roses Everything's Coming Up Roses SATB
4 Porter, Cole Classic Cole Porter 26 Songs SATB
4 Watts, Issac Martin's Lane secular SATB
4 Hayes, Oliver Missa Bone Pastor, Kyrie secular SATB
4 Boule, Mary - Brennand, Betsy - Mehlin, Lisa A Celtic Air A Celtic Air SATB
4 Sullivan, Arthur Echoes folk SATB
4 Porter, Cole Too Darn Hot Too Darn Hot SATB
4 Weatherly, Fredrick Edward O Danny Boy folk SATB
2 Traditional North Folk songs Wrap up, roll up SATB
4 Hinze, Horst Thula S'thandwa Sam' lullaby SATB
4 Sullivan, Arthur Evening folk SATB
4 Webber, Andrew Lloyd The Phantom of the Opera 6 Songs SATB
2 Traditional North Folk songs Dance to your daddy SATB
4 Howe, Julia Ward Battle Hymn of the Republic folk SATB
4 Bryd, William Ave verum Corpus secular SATB
4 Sullivan, Arthur Fair Daffodils folk SATB
4 Weiss, G. David What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World SATB
2 Traditional North Folk songs Sair fyeld, hinny SATB
4 Janes, Karen 10th Anniversary Benediction 10th Anniversary Benediction SATB
4 Sullivan, Arthur Lead, Kindly Light folk SATB
4 Wilbye, John Alas, what hope of speeding madrigal SATB
2 Traditional North Folk songs Bonny at morn SATB
4 John, Elton Can You Feel the Love Tonight Can You Feel the Love Tonight SATB
4 King, Phillip Songs of Memory-Echo folk SATB
4 Byrd,William Ave verum Corpus Ave verum Corpus SATB
4 Purcell, Henry King Arthur, 5th Act, Fairest Isle opera SATB
4 Wilbye, John As Matchless Beauty folk SATB
2 Traditional North Folk songs Adam Buckhamo SATB
4 King, Phillip Songs of Memory-Remember folk SATB
4 Coleridge, Mary E. The Blue Bird The Blue Bird SATB
4 Sullivan, Arthur Parting Gleams folk SATB
4 Purcell, Henry The Mavis folk SATB
4 Wilson, Brian Fun, Fun, Fun Fun, Fun, Fun SATB
4 King, Phillip Songs of Memory-Song folk SATB
4 Traditional Five Spirituals spiritual SATB
4 Ravenscroft, Thomas Ale and Tobacco folk SATB
4 Woodrow, Constance Between the Grey folk SATB
4 Kinkel, Johanna The Soldiers Farewell folk SATB
4 David, Mack This Is It This Is It SATB
4 Sullivan, Arthur Seaside Thoughts folk SATB
4 Ravenscroft, Thomas Of Ale folk SATB
4 Kroll, Ty Between the Grey Between the Grey SATB
4 Traditional No Body Knows spiritual SATB
4 Dowland, John Come heavy Sleep folk SATB
4 Sullivan, Arthur The Beleaguered 1 folk SATB